About fifteen years ago people wondered whether a weekly comics collection would change its name. But 2000 AD is more powerful than mere time. While some see it as the year of Prince’s hangover, for comic book fans that dateline has always stood for the latest and greatest in British comics talent. And the upcoming 1874 has been built as a boarding ramp for a whole new generation of fans.


No backstory, no hurried exposition, this issue is filled with five fresh arcs for new readers to enjoy the world’s greatest weekly comic. The collection is perfect 2000 AD: the iconic Judge Dredd, the legendary Sláine, long-running and wise-cracking gunsharks Sinister and Dexter, and two brand new series. Because 2000 AD’s greatest strength has always been its ability to carry new ideas on the strength of established favorites. Jaegir Strigoi spins-off from the classic Rogue Trooper, while Outlier is that most important of stories: a brand new one.

The issue makes it easy for new readers to join, without affecting then decades of excellent story behind them. Somebody buy an issue for DC so that they can see how it’s done.

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