Digital imprint ShiftyLook are ceasing the attempts to create comics of classic Namco properties. Because they totally succeeded. Webcomings and retro games are some of our favorite words, and Galaga is from some of our favorite creators: Christopher Hastings, Anthony Clark, and Ryan North. Or as you might know them, Dr McNinja, Nedroid, and Dinosaur Comics. This is the webcomic equivalent of Voltron, and features even more awesome giant technosplosions.

The Galaga comic is complete, free, and ready to read right now, with their Dig Dug run about to finish as well. It’s stupid that we such get such spectacularly fun things for free – even the original games cost a few cents a pop – but that’s what happens when marketing gets smart. Instead of annoying us with ads, they entertain us with new creations. Because loving comic books is all about enjoying new things while appreciating old ones, and these comics combine those in the best possible way.

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