Valiant Entertainment are aiming to launch a new series every month for the rest of 2014. For a comic book company that’s pure ambition – many of the big publishers can’t guarantee even existing series will come out every month, never mind making new ones. But Valiant are known for new beginnings and special events, resurrecting themselves with “The Summer of Valiant 2012” after the implosion of Acclaim Entertainment destroyed their previous form.

It’s fun when a comic company sounds like one of their own characters.

That Summer won them the Diamond Gem Publisher of the Year (under 5% market share), so it makes sense to try for all four seasons and see what happens with Valiant First. They’ve even doubling up on some months, with July bringing Armor Hunters: Bloodshot and Armor Hunters: Harbinger. These series will replace old titles, keeping Valiant’s total output constant, but opening up a continuity window through which they hope new readers will jump aboard. Doing it over the course of a year avoids the DC “Etch-a-Sketch” strategy of shaking things up by destroying everything and having to start again.

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