Neat Stuff Collectibles know what you want, and you want high quality comics at the best possible prices. That’s why we’ve created four customized collections to cater to every collector. We’ve broken a big collection up into DC and Marvel, Silver and Bronze, to make sure everyone gets what they want. 

Maybe you’re only interested in the House of M. Maybe your comic book collection lacks only a few bronzes, and you don’t want the price inflated by Silver age issues. Or you simply can’t be bothered with anything that doesn’t contain The Madness of Mysterio, a position we wouldn’t dare argue with.

In fact, we understand and agree


Whatever your comic book desire, we’re here to find it for you. That’s why we bought this mountain of beautiful unrestored comics. Unprocessed, ungraded, and in our expert opinion it’s all at least Very Fine -, and the bulk of it is even better. It’s not so much a collection as a treasure trove. Which is why we’ve split the wealth among collectors of each age and publisher.


Enjoy these four comic book collection auctions customized for your reading pleasure.


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