The elevator pitch for The Manhattan Projects is the most powerful ever written: what if the development if the most appallingly destructive weapon in human history was just a cover story? To hide the truly terrible things they were up to? The title is also the most intelligent pun in writing history. The greatest concentration of intellect in human history, and it’s still grimy and going wrong. With some of the most striking cover art in print today.

The comic assembles an all-star cast of evil geniuses by raiding history and rewriting them with maniacal glee. Werner Von Braun sacrificing all for his rockets, the many worlds of Oppenheimer, Feynmann’s ego stretching across spacetime itself, a nuclear Daghlian, FDR: AI, and the most terrible secret of the one they call “Einstein.”

Their incredible powers pit them against the secret rulers of the entire world. And they win. And then things get really interesting. Ever escalating inventions and conflicts glory in the comic’s absolute freedom from any over-arching continuity. If they want to execute someone, wipe out an entire alien species, or invent a technology to change the world, there’s nothing to stop them or their enemies from doing exactly that. Every battle matters because there’s no such thing as a status quo. In fact, entire point of the Projects is to make sure of that. There is only bigger, better, and smarter, and for fifteen issues and counting this comic book has delivered.

The Manhattan Projects is ongoing from Image Comics 

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