Man of Steel has been criticized for taking some liberties with the source material, changing little things like “Superman doesn’t kill people” and “No, seriously, that is like the single most important factor about this character”. But it seems we should count ourselves lucky he didn’t just turn to the camera and call us all virgin nerds for coming to the cinema. David S. Goyer, writer of Man of Steel and the upcoming Batman vs Superman and JLA movies, took some time to appear on a Scriptnotes podcast and make fun of his fans.

He called out people who knew the Martian Manhunter was as a virgin, but only after making sure that some of those people were in the live audience. He explained how he thought that the idea of the last alien of a dying world coming to Earth to live undercover and do good was stupid. movies said this, out loud, in a room where he knew people were recording him. He explained his idea for a Manhunter movie: scientists recover some DNA and rebuild an alien in a remote lab but it doesn’t work out as they’d expect. You might recognize this from “half of all science-fiction alien monster movies ever written” and “absolutely nothing to do with the Martian Manhunter”.

He also explained that She-Hulk was only created so that Hulk could have sex, and somehow said it in a way that made it sound even creepier and more assholey. Which means he thinks She Hulk was created for gamma-powered incest, because Jennifer Walters is Bruce Banner’s cousin. Either that or he doesn’t even read about these characters before giving them his own stories, ignores their character construction all the way down to the level of basic identity, and the idea that anyone might be a hero just because that’s the right thing to do hasn’t even occurred to him. All of which entirely explain Man of Steel.

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