DC’s New 52 has been a nail-biting experience for the fans, but not always in the way the publisher intended. While Detective Comics hoped that burning their own history on a sacrificial pyre might attract new readers – perhaps confusing the idea of “new readers” with R’lyehian “Old Ones” – fans have spent the last couple of years wondering which of their beloved characters survived the purge. But Batgirl #30 has given fans of the Secret Six reason to rejoice.

If you let him get this close, you're only alive because he enjoys it.
If you let him get this close, you’re only alive because he enjoys it.

That’s Peter Merkel Jr, the infamous Rag Doll son of Rag Doll, contortionist pervert who understands that both of those words are compliments and has utterly devoted his life to mastery of each.

Even Batman wasn’t that devoted to his mission.
Even Batman isn’t this devoted to his mission.

He was glimpsed in the pages of Resurrection Man #6, but he’s all about the center stage. How much of his happy-go-lucky demeanor (which only got his entire team damned to Hell the one time, honest) survives remains to be seen. But he’s back with Gail Simone, the author who made him great, and it should be a fun ride.

A line we’re sure he’d enjoy.

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