Valuing your antiques is the first step to selling your antiques for the best price possible. It’s also just really fun to know!

The problem is, there is no set price for antiques– the price is simply what a buyer is willing to pay. And there are so many factors that buyers may consciously or subconsciously take into consideration.

With that being said, here are our suggestions to valuing your antiques:

Be Aware Of The Condition

The condition of an antique can sometimes be tough to gauge, especially if the condition didn’t change while it was in your possession. It can also be tough to gauge if it’s a very rare antique and you have no other similar antiques to compare its condition to. Obviously, the better condition it is in, the higher the value will be. This is why we always, always urge people to store all of their collectibles properly!

Compare To Recent Sales

One of the best indicators of the value of your antique is what identical or similar pieces sold for. How recently did those pieces sell? Where were they sold? How comparable are they? How was the economy when they sold? Has anything happened since that last sale that would increase or decrease the demand for this antique? These are all questions you should ask yourself when comparing your antique to similar recent sales.

Prices Change Depend On Where You Sell

Where you sell your antiques plays a huge determining factor in what your ultimate selling price will be. This obviously doesn’t change the inherent and underlying value of your antique, but you can think of it as getting a multiple higher or lower than the true value of your antique. For example, if you’re looking for a fast cash transaction at a local pawn shop, you probably won’t sell at the full value of the antique, but you definitely will sell it fast, so if that’s your goal, great! However, if you’re selling to a broker, or selling in an auction either online or in-person, the selling process may take longer, but you’ll have a good shot at getting a higher price for your antique than what you believed its true value to be.

Ask An Expert

When in doubt, ask an expert. Here at Neatstuff Collectibles, we’re here to help. Have a question about the value of your antiques? Give us a call at 800-326-7064 and we will help you out! If you’re looking to solicit offers on your antique, fill out our seller inquiry form and we will reach out to you right away to answer any questions you may have regarding the value of your antiques!

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