So you want to sell your antiques, and you want cold hard cash in return? Great! Regardless of what you’re selling and why you’re selling it, there’s plenty of options for you to check out.

First, understand the different options

There are a few different options when it comes to selling your antiques. You can sell them on consignment. This means that you provide your items to an experienced broker and they sell them for you on your behalf and take a cut of the final selling price. This is great for the broker because it eliminates the risk on their end, which allows them to ultimately pay much more for the item than they may otherwise. It also aligns their incentive with you- they want to sell it for the highest price possible because that means more profit for them. The downside is it’s not a guaranteed transaction and it may take a while to collect your cash. Since you wanted to sell your antiques for cash, this is probably not an ideal option for you.

You also have a number of other options for places to sell your antiques– Craigslist, eBay, a local broker or another local establishment.

Sell Your Antiques On Craigslist

The great thing about selling any collectible on Craigslist is that it’s usually speedy, easy, low-stress and an all-cash transaction.

There are downsides of Craigslist though. Sometimes it cannot be as safe and secure as dealing with a professional broker or someone virtually. It also takes a lot of work, from writing a great description, taking plenty of pictures, posting everything and answering questions from potential buyers. Craigslist is also best-suited for well-populated areas, so it may not work for everyone.

Sell Your Antiques On eBay

Selling any collectible on eBay is a blessing and a curse. Like selling on Craigslist, it takes a lot of effort to sell something successfully, between the pictures, writing a great description and answering all the questions. And like Craigslist, it’s not a guarantee your antique will even sell, so it could be wasted effort. The benefit of eBay is that it’s all online, so you’d be available to the same large audience regardless of where you’re located.

Sell Your Antiques To A Local Store

The benefit of selling collectibles locally is that you’ll be guaranteed a transaction and can walk away with cash in your pocket immediately without any hassle of trying to attract a buyer on Craigslist or sweating it out through an online auction with eBay. Although it’s a very easy transaction, the major downside here is that you’ll easily yield the lowest offer if you went this route.

Sell your Antiques For Cash To Neatstuff Collectibles

Get the best of every method by selling to Neatstuff Collectibles. We will travel to you, so we are just as good as a local company. If we like what we see, we will make an all-cash offer. And our offers are usually the best offer you’d yield anywhere, so it really is the best option.

Thinking about selling your antiques? Give us a call first at 800-326-7064 or fill out our seller inquiry form and let us make an offer!

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