Are you the lucky owner of some of those hit collectible trader cards from back in the 1990s? Yea, we’re talking about Pokemon cards! Almost three decades later, Pokemon cards have become quite the collectible and as a lucky owner yourself, maybe you’re considering selling them for some fast cash.

We certainly understand what you’re looking to accomplish – speedy transactions for Pokemon cards is one of our specialties. Here are some tips to give you the best shot possible at selling your Pokemon cards as quickly and easily as possible:

Know What’s In Your Pokemon Card Collection

Chances are you don’t just have one Pokemon card. You may have hundreds or even thousands! The truth of the matter is that if your collection is worth a small fortune, the vast majority of that value is going to be concentrated in a few cards. If you cannot identify which cards hold the most value or which cards are the rarest and most sought after within your collection, a prospective buyer may not be able to justify paying a high price because they must price in the odds of your collection not containing anything valuable to them. Eliminate uncertainty from prospective buyers by knowing what’s in your Pokemon card collection!

Organize Your Pokemon Cards Properly

Hopefully you’ve kept your Pokemon cards stored properly all these years. Even if you haven’t, there’s no better time to start now. As the saying goes, “the best time would’ve been right when you first purchased them; the second best time is now!”

The benefits of storing your Pokemon cards are endless, but when it comes to selling your cards, being able to show prospective buyers one clean and organized collection can help you finalize a sale for the best price possible.

Determine Where You’d Like To Sell Your Pokemon Cards

Once you’ve gotten all your cards organized and you know what’s in your collection, it’s time to determine where you’re going to sell them. You certainly have no shortage of places to consider selling your Pokemon cards, but the point of this article is to help you sell your cards FAST.

With that being said, selling your Pokemon cards online is out of the question because under most circumstances, selling online will be very slow and may not even lead to a sale at all.

Here are some places to consider when trying to sell your Pokemon cards fast:

Your Local Pawn Shop. Pawn shops specialize in buying collectibles for fast cash on the spot. The downside is that they need to price everything accordingly to sell fast, as they don’t want inventory to sit for very long. Therefore they only pay for collectibles well under market value. For some people, this doesn’t matter since all they want is a fast and easy transaction, which in this case is a perfect option.

Your Local Collectibles Store. Collectible stores operate in a similar fashion to pawn shops, except since they specialize in specific collectibles and may have a broad network of available buyers, they can usually offer slightly more for your items than pawn shops can. If you’re lucky enough to have a collectibles store close-by, check them out and see if they’d be interested in purchasing your Pokemon cards!

A Local Collectors Group That Allows Buying & Selling. If you’re a part of a collectors group either online or in person, and they allow solicitations to buy and sell items, then that could be a fantastic option. Since you’re selling to another collector instead of a middleman, chances are you’ll get a pretty good price for your cards. The downside is that there’s no guarantee that you’ll get any buyers, but if you do, the transaction can happen fast.

For The Best Of Both Worlds, Sell Your Pokemon Cards To Neatstuff Collectibles!

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