The Transformers franchise is making a comeback in a very big way. Movies, toys, games. When these sorts of cultural movements happen, the value of related collectibles goes up.

If you own some Transformers toys and collectibles, you may wonder how much your items are worth. Here are our suggestions to help figure that out:

First, Determine What You Have

If you’re looking to determine how much one Transformer toy is worth, or even a small collection, organizing and cataloging them is easy. However if you’re dealing with a large collection, this is a more daunting task. Knowing what you have is important, which is why we always urge people to store their collectibles properly! The additional benefit is that proper storage will help your Transformers toys retain their value.

Then, Compare To Recently Sold Items

Once you know exactly what you have, you can see what similar items sold for using eBay’s Advanced Search feature by looking for completed listings that sold. No one can tell you definitively what an item is worth simply because the intrinsic value is what someone else is willing to pay. By using real-life data, you can get a somewhat accurate baseline of what your own items are worth.

Then, Adjust For Condition

Once you’ve found what similar Transformers Toys have sold for, you can adjust your value up or down based on condition. If your items are in better condition, your collection is worth more, and visa versa.

Speak To Neatstuff Collectibles

Determining how much collectible toys are worth like Transformer toys is more of an art than a science. The guide above will get you close, but if you want to double-check your work or would simply like experts to conduct a proper appraisal, reach out to Neatstuff Collectibles. We’d be more than happy to chat with your about your collection. And if you’re interested in selling, we may be interested in buying! Feel free to call us at 800-326-7064 or fill out our seller form and someone will be able to assist you!

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