If you’re looking to acquire a substantial collection of Copper Age comics in great condition, look no further. We have the auction for you!

We’re thrilled to announce a HUGE 1500+ book collection of Copper Age comics up for auction right now. Below are some details, but if you’re interested in placing a bid you should do so by following this link soon because the auction ends this Sunday!

1500+ Copper HI GRADE Comic Lot

Number of Books: 1500+
Grade Range: VF to NM/M
Average Grade: NM
Publishers: Mostly Marvel and DC
Age: Copper (1970s – 1992)

Key Books Within The Collection:
Incredible Hulk #340
Terminator #1
X-Men #137
Batman #367
Darkhawk #1
Beavis and Butthead #1
Batman and the Outsiders #1
Brave & the Bold #200
Teen Titans Annual #2
Star Wars #39, 40
X-Men #4
Thundercats #1
long Fantastic Four partial run
long Thor partial run

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