If you’re the lucky owner of Star Trek memorabilia, you’ve undoubtedly wondered at some point how much they’re worth.

While that’s not the easiest question to answer in broad terms, below are some foundational principles to follow to come up with a rough estimate.

1. Identify What Identical Or Similar Items Sold For Recently

There is no hard rule about what any particular Star Trek collectible is worth. At the end of the day, a collectible is worth what someone else is willing to pay for it. Therefore, what better way to determine a Star Trek collectible’s value by seeing what similar items sold for recently. Luckily with eBay’s Advanced Search feature, you can filter for auctions that ended successfully with a sale. Simply search for items identical or similar to yours and that is a great baseline to move forward from.

2. Determine The Condition Of Your Memorabilia Relative To Ones That Sold

Hopefully you were able to find more than a few similar items that sold somewhat recently. But the chances of all items having the same condition is slim to none. Even the smallest differences in condition can have drastic impacts on the final selling price. Closely examine your Star Trek collectible and compare it to the condition of the similar items that sold. If yours is in relatively better or worse condition, your item’s selling price should reflect that.

3. Try To Get An Official Or Unofficial Appraisal

Coming up with an unofficial estimate on your own is always a useful exercise, however when it comes to highly priced items, getting an official appraisal can go a long way when it comes to going through the actual selling process. Luckily there are ways to get an online appraisal of collectibles very easily.

4. Determine Where You’ll Be Selling And How That Will Affect Final Price

Where you decide to sell your Star Trek collectible will have an impact on the net proceeds you’ll receive. Selling your collectibles online usually comes with a number of fees. Selling to small regional resellers usually invites low-ball offers. There are pros and cons of each avenue, but it’s important to know that even once you determine what your Star Trek collectibles are most likely worth, you may or may not get that price depending on where you end up selling them.

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