Everybody wants to sell rare comics for lots of money, but not everyone has the expertise or enough cash. That’s where Neatstuff Collectibles comes in: we’ve got decades of experience and millions of dollars. You couldn’t find a better comic book buyer if Richie Rich came to life and fell in love with your collection.

We want all of your old comic book collectibles, and we do mean all. We’re no vintage vultures, pecking at the precious issues and leaving you with an unsellable carcass of a comic book collection.

We’ll gladly buy a rare #1, but if you’ve got a boatload of boxes, we’ll buy the lot and rent a dock just to get them. We’ll travel to you, appraise your collection for free, and make you the best offer you’ll get anywhere.

In the last two years we’ve spent ten million dollars on Gold and Silver Age comics. There are businesses working with real gold who don’t spend that much...and who don’t get to display such beautiful items in their workplace. Those millions of dollars aren't even a fixed operating budget, it's just how much we got to spend in that time. Give us any excuse, and we’ll spend more.

The Golden Age Forges Heroes

If your comic says “10c” in the corner, it’s Golden Age, and probably worth a bit more by now. This is when comic books as we now know them burst onto the scene, becoming both an art form and an investment. The Golden Age galvanized the medium, featuring men and women far beyond mortal limitations. They were often quite different from the heroes we know today – Superman couldn’t fly, and Batman had no problem grabbing a gun when he had to – but this was where the sheer spirit that would survive a century was forged. If the Modern Age are polished statues, the result of decades-long character studies, the Golden Age was the volcanic eruption from which a surge of energy gifted us the raw material to carve today's heroes.

The same wartime spirit which gave rise to heroes like Captain America also increased their value. National paper drives consumed hundreds of thousands of issues, as citizens sacrificed their four-color friends for the war effort. This created instant rarity. When you hear of a comic selling for a million dollars or more, this is the era it came from. And we’re the ones who want to buy it.

The Atomic Interregnum

The Atomic Interregnum sounds like something superheroes would struggle against, a crisis that cut across all comics, and that’s exactly what it was. The end of the war saw a shift in popular perception of comic books. Caped crusaders fell out of favor, replaced by capers of horror and crime. But just like all the greatest comic crises, the heroes were saved by an unlikely ally: The Comics Code Authority.

Created after a national media scare regarding the horrors of comic book violence, the CCA set about gutting the gory genres (which had, ironically, gutted so many of their own characters). This cleared the way for the return of kid-friendly heroes.

The Silver Age Shines

The Atomic Interregnum transmuted the defining element from gold to silver. The Silver Age saw the resurgence of the superhero, accompanied by legions of new characters. The strictures of censorship fostered the famous insanity of the era, with writers inventing all manners of unlikely situations to keep things interesting, without incurring the wrathful censorship of the CCA. You’ll know it's the Silver Age when you see “12c”, “15c”, or “Superman doing something insane to Jimmy Olsen” on the cover.

This shining time gave us hundreds of characters, thousands of issues, and countless commercial tie-ins. And we want to buy all of it. From single issues to warehouses, if it can be sold at all, it can be sold to us, probably for more than anywhere else.

We know that there’s no point in saving a few dollars on a fast trade if it costs us our reputation. The Internet has helped comic book collectors become a community, one we’re proud to serve. We’re happy to have won the Comics Buyer’s Guide Customer Service Award, enjoy serving as Overstreet Advisors, and are honored to have received positive feedback over 40,000 times as eBay powersellers.

We’re lucky enough to be paid to do what we love, and we want to pay you for it, too. We also offer finders’ fees for anyone referring a collection to us. Call to inquire about selling your comic book collection at 1-800-903-7246.

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