Sports Collectibles & Sports Memorabilia

No other type of collection has as much soul as a sports collection. It’s not just numbers and names, it’s the passion of a lifetime, each element an icon of a love felt by thousands of fans, embodying the experience of an entire community sharing in the excitement of victory and agony of defeat. This is the truest meaning of memorabilia: objects made valuable by their connection to real events. That value can also make it more difficult when you decide to let go of a collection. Neatstuff Collectibles understands, and we’re here to help.

Whether you’ve decided that it’s time to share your collection with the world or you're dealing with the estate of a family member, you want the process to be as painless as possible. We understand that sales should be as swift, simple, and profitable as possible. Our expert agents can travel to you to appraise your collection, make the best possible offer, and make you an offer for everything. There's no annoying haggling over individual items, leaving you stuck cleaning out the clutter after the most precious pieces are taken. If you decide to sell to us, we take care of everything. The entire job is done in one step, making you cash money on the spot.

Because we love neat stuff! (You might notice a subtle clue in our name.) We understand that sellers don’t just want money, they want to see their prized possessions cared for. We live and breathe collectibles, and enjoy nothing more than finding new homes for the most beloved items. Precious signed game balls, jerseys, complete card collections, and other unique pieces of sporting history: these should be appreciated by fans who love them just as much as the original owner. We’re in the business of finding the right buyers.

We spend five figures a week, adding to our collection, and millions of dollars a year to fill warehouses with sports history. We can afford to pay you instantly and well, and we can keep looking until we find the perfect new owner for your memorabilia, no matter how long it takes.

We’ve been in business for a long time, and that’s because we know it’s the collectors who matter. The most valuable collectible in the world is worthless without someone to collect it! That’s why we respect every owner as part of the community that makes our business possible, and that’s why we make the best offers you’ll find anywhere. If it can be sold at all, it can be sold to us, and we’ll make sure you feel the deal is fair.

Collectible Cards

We’re big fans of any pre-1980 cards, sports or not, the older the better. We’ll buy everything you have. We’re also interested in complete sets of more recent (or reprint) sets, as well as collections of books and magazines. If you have found yourself stuck with a huge number of unsorted recent cards, we're often attracted by the sheer gravitational pull of a truly massive collection. Call us to find out: 1 (800) 997-1591.

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