Music makes memories like nothing else. Our favorite bands and albums aren’t just soundtracks, they’re stages of our lives, turning tokens of collection into totems of recollection, embodying entire stages of our development. At Neatstuff Collectibles we understand that your musical collections are a part of your life, or that of a loved one, and we respect that when you ask us to consider a sale. Our professional staff can travel to evaluate a collection and will make the most generous offer you’ll get anywhere. After that there’s no hassle, no pressure, and certainly no urging to sell the best bits. We’ve been buying and selling the sweetest of collectibles for decades, and intend to continue doing so far into the future.
We don’t need a quick buck. Our prices are our advertising, and our service is our reputation. Word of mouth is the way to build a real relationship with collectors, and we want to leave you with good memories of our service, just as much as we want to give you money. And we really do want to give you money. Instant cash money. We spend millions of dollars a year on every kind of collectible: big-ticket items like signed Musical Instruments, huge collections of everything a band ever made, or more obscure items, like Backstage Passes and Foreign Press Kits. If it can be collected by anyone, it can be collected by us.
Whether you have a rare first-edition album in the original sleeve, or a warehouse in the shape of a Yellow Submarine filled with everything the Beatles were ever connected to (officially or not), we’re interested in all your memorabilia. And honestly, we’d like to make an offer on that warehouse, too. We always want more room to store our own collection. We always buy anything of which we like the look. We’re not limited by temporary financing or limited storage space – all troubles faced by the amateur buyers you might find on eBay and other sites – so if your items can be sold, they can definitely be sold to us, in the least amount of time for the highest prices. Don’t be swayed by smaller firms with louder ads proclaiming their intent to pay “top dollar.” Check out our eBay powerseller status and review history, to see our established reputation and hear from our legions of satisfied customers.
We believe in client satisfaction every step of the way. There’s no point in snagging a sweet collectible if you have a bad reputation with the collectors. Our sales staff prioritize your time as well as your collection: a single fair offer for your collection, no haggling required. The decision is always yours. The sale and transport of large collections is also our specialty. We understand that moving a large collection can be an emotional time as well as a chore, whether you’re making room for a new stage in your life or dealing with an estate. Call us for a quote, and if you decide to sell, that will be your end of the work, done.

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